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17th Century Castle ~ West Ukraine

Built in 1630, Yagilnytskya Castle sits on an imposing site overlooking a small town in the Ternopol/Lviv region. The history of the castle is very rich, having been home to a number of rulers and the site of battles. The property was constructed by Polish Count Stanislav Lyantskoronsky and up until 1655 was considered one of the strongest castles in Podilia (what is now known as the Ternopol region). More photos below

Price: $1,250,000 USD

Russian Cossack general Bohdan Kmelnytskyi tried to conquer the castle in 1643 but failed due to the high position of the castle and its impenetrable defensive walls. In 1655 due to a betrayal within the castle, the Cossacks of Buturlin managed to gain access to the castle and over throw the Lyantskoronsky family.

A large oak plantation totaling 18 km2 known as Galilei Dacha was planted 10kms south of the castle by the Lyantskoronsky family to protect them from the attacks of Crimean and Nogai Tatars. The oak forest is still here today and a fantastic place to visit.

It was home to ruling Cossacks in the region until around 25 years later when Ottoman Turks fought nearby in after their victory took possession of the property. Due to its strategic location between Poland and the rest of Ukraine, the property was fortified further.

In the 19th Century, the Austro-Hungarian Empire took over Western Ukraine and the castle came under their ownership. During Communist times when the property was again seized, the castle was converted into a tobacco making facility but was closed shortly after the fall of Communism.

The sale not only includes the main castle itself but numerous outbuildings, some of which are very grand. The total size of all buildings come to 14, 216m2. The total land size included in the sale is 44,000m2 (11 acres).

The property has its own electricity transformer station, gas connected, water, heating, and sewage connected.

Yagilnytskya Castle is in need of works but does have tremendous potential as a hotel as it already does attract tourists. It is an ideal conversion prospect for a hotel, private residence or smaller residential units such as apartments.

Location and Local Attractions

Good Location

Situated just 70kms from the city of Ternopol, the castle is close to a main motorway that leads directly to Poland and Romania. Lviv is around 220 kms away along with its international airport.

The Ternopol region has some of the most beautiful castles and historic buildings throughout the whole of Ukraine. This area is in the centre of the popular tourist triangle of Kamianets-Podilskyi, Khotyn and Nyrkiv.

Yahilnitsia town has a number of other historic treasures including a four hundred year old baroque Roman-Catholic church and a Greek Orthodox Church nearby. Both can be seen from the castle.

Price: $1,250,000 USD


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